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Dates 24 – 28 June 2024
Duration  5 day residential
Location Oxford
Accommodation En-suites at historic St Peter’s College

In a world grappling with disruptive climate change and an unprecedented transition of our societies towards net zero, climate-related legal action has emerged as a critical force shaping the future of business, government, and society. For senior leaders and their advisors, understanding the intersection of law and climate change has become paramount. The University of Oxford is proud to introduce its first executive education course specifically designed around these challenges.

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The Course

This new five-day course – delivered on-site at the historic and picturesque University of Oxford – offers a deep dive into the state of the art and future directions of the law in the context of climate change, studied through the lens of climate-related legal risks and opportunities. Delivered by world-leading Oxford faculty and other world class experts, we will examine and discuss key legal and regulatory developments in the context of climate change against the backdrop of relevant scientific, political, and economic developments. Topics include:

  • Current trends and future directions in net zero policy, regulation, and climate litigation
  • Understanding international legal frameworks relating to climate change
  • Latest advances in scientific understanding of climate change impacts
  • State of the art in the science, politics, and economics of net zero
  • An economic analysis of legal risks and opportunities resulting from climate-related legal actions.

Whether your work and interests lie in government, law, professional services, business, non-profit advocacy, or elsewhere, this immersive and interactive course will equip you with the knowledge, insight, and connections to understand and navigate the rapidly evolving legal landscape. You will be equipped to anticipate future directions in climate-related legal action, and thrive in a world where climate, economics, policy, and law are increasingly salient and intertwined.

Course Objectives

Throughout the programme participants will:

  • Obtain a birds-eye-view of the key trends and future directions of climate-related legal actions and their impacts on society and businesses
  • Gain proficiency in analysing and interpreting complex legal issues related to climate change, enabling you to identify and evaluate potential solutions and strategies, and their impacts on businesses, government and non-profit activities
  • Dive deep into critical topics at the intersection of climate change, including the latest developments in net zero regulation and policy, climate litigation, and climate science
  • Appreciate how climate-related legal actions affect the nature, magnitude, and distribution of financial climate risk exposures – gaining a deep insight into the economic and financial implications of climate-related legal actions that builds on the latest available science
  • Build a strong international network of like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Immerse in a unique academic and cultural environment including traditional Oxford customs such as candlelit college dinners, Oxford Union-style debates, punting on the River Cherwell, and historical city tours

Find out more about the course online here and in the PDF brochure here: Navigating Climate Related Risk Brochure.