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Thursday 22nd February – 12pm to 1pm
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As a member of the LSA, you are invited to a virtual event focused on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance on Green Agreements, organised by the Law Society.

The guidance explains how competition law applies to environmental sustainability agreements between firms operating at the same level of the supply chain, to help them act on climate change and environmental sustainability.

As big businesses are increasingly setting net zero targets and engaging in sector collaboration, the guidance gives firms greater clarity about agreements addressing environmental sustainability, including climate change.

This event aims to help law firms understand how they and their clients can collaborate on environmental sustainability goals with other businesses or competitors whilst ensuring competition law is adhered to. These laws ensure effective competition that enables innovation, to the benefit of people, businesses and the wider UK economy.

Speakers from the CMA will provide an overview of the guidance so that you can best advise your clients. This will be followed by a wider discussion and Q&A session to gain additional insight from CMA representatives.

If you are able to join us, please RSVP by completing this form after which a diary placeholder and joining link shall be sent to you. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or Camilla Haycock at [email protected]