Available Supply Capacity

The maximum amount of electricity that can be drawn via the meter at any point. Measured in KVA

Calorific Value

The quality of gas measured by the release of energy when gas is completely combusted under specified conditions


As ASC, the maximum amount of electricity that can be drawn via the meter at any point. Measured in KVA

Climate Change Levy

Introduced in 2001 and levied on businesses to incentivize the use of renewable to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

Contract End Date

The end of a fixed price period, the supplier will supply past this date until the supply end date

Deemed Rates

Standard charges applied to Change of Tenancy customers before they agree or refuse a contract with the incumbent supplier


The charges related to a meter’s usage of the distribution network representing around 18% of the average business energy bill


The term used to describe the forecast annual consumption of a electricity customer’s meter in lieu of an Annualised Advance

Half Hourly Data

Data sourced from a half hourly meter delivering 17,520 recordings of demand from each meter

Half Hourly Meter

A high demand meter (>100kW) that records and transmits usage every half hour


Those customers that consume more than 300,000kWh of gas or electricity per annum and often those electricity customers fitted with a half hourly meter.


A measure of power taken over time; 1,000 watt-hours or 3.5 mega joules

Measurement Class

The aggregation & settlement classification for a meter i.e. Non Half Hourly or Half Hourly

Megawatt Hour

Megawatt-hour – A measure of power taken over time; 1,000 kilowatt-hours.

Meter Operator

A Meter Operator or MOP is an organisation responsible for installing and maintaining electricity and gas meters.

Time-of-use tariff

A time of use tariff or TOU tariff is a multi-rate tariff designed to offer cheaper rates when energy demand is at its lowest. Some tariffs will also be able to offer cheaper electricity rates on days when renewable generation is high, such as very windy or sunny days.