For LSA members Travers Smith, a significant milestone was reached this month with the achievement of ISO 50001 – the international standard for energy management. For most Law firms, energy management is an important subject and almost the entire source of scope 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

“Attaining ISO 50001 has been a significant achievement for us,” said Paul Mullis, Sustainability Officer at Travers Smith, “The achievement sets the foundation for continuous improvement and going forward, our commitment is not only to maintain this certification, but to continually improve our energy management and performance.  With this understanding, we’ve been able to establish energy-saving campaigns and initiatives – directly reducing our Greenhouse Gas emissions”.

Careful management of energy use is known to have all sorts of benefits and has been at the centre of many LSA talking points over the years. The subject has again come to the fore in more recent times with energy costs more than doubling for many law firms, coupled with the drive to reduce scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

Paul is more than aware of the benefits to establishing a best practice methodology.

‘’Obtaining these certifications are not an end in themselves, rather, they are part of our broader strategy to implement sustainable practices and reduce our environmental footprint. We see these certifications as stepping stones to even greater sustainability achievements in the future.”