Reducing energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint, lowers operational costs and has a positive impact on the environment. Because the greenest energy is the energy that we don’t use, the LSA already works hard to support firms to reduce their scope 2 emissions through implementing energy efficiency measures and educating the workforce. However, we need to keep the lights on and offices warm – so when we do use energy, we want to ensure that it is the greenest energy available to us with the lowest environmental impact. That is where the Legal Renewables Initiative comes in.

We are delighted to be working with Good Energy to capitalise on their expertise in this area. As the only UK based 100% non nuclear renewable energy company we believe they can offer additional insight and support to law firms when it comes to thinking about a switch to a green tariff. They have been placed at the top of Which’s Eco provider table for three years running.

“The availability of renewable power is surging, driven by the global energy crisis, declining costs and policy momentum. By embracing renewable energy, legal firms in the UK not only demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability but also pave the way for a greener future. Leading the charge in sustainable practices, they set a powerful example for the corporate sector, showcasing how businesses can be both ethical and efficient, ultimately contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable society.”

Tom Parsons, Director of Sales and Origination, Good Energy

The LRI is designed encourage and inform LSA members as they commit to switching to 100% renewable energy by 2025. However, switching to renewable energy is not always as straightforward as contacting your supplier and asking for a green tariff. Many energy suppliers claim that their energy is 100% renewable, but in fact they buy REGOS (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) from the open market without buying the electricity they relate to. Good Energy run differently, matching 100% of the electricity your business uses over a year with power bought directly from their community of over 1,700 independent renewable generators across Britain. See this blog  Not All Green Tariffs Are Created Equal for more information.

Not all green tariffs are what they seem

We want to help LSA member firms avoid greenwashing. So, as mentioned, while all green tariffs are a step in the right direction, some are definitely greener than others. Here are some questions that you can ask of your supplier to help you understand if the tariff you are on is truly 100% renewable:

  1. Ask them how much of their renewable electricity comes from power purchase agreements they hold directly with renewable generators​
  2. Does your renewables spend result in the creation of new renewables?
  3. Where are your generators based, how local are they to my organisation?​
  4. Does the offsetting scheme for your green gas help to increase the global supply of green gas, or does it involve something unrelated, such as planting trees?

Sometimes all that stands between you and the tariff you want will be understanding the language that your energy supplier uses.  Good Energy have created this glossary to help law firms decipher the language of green energy.

Once switched to a renewable source of energy, the next step is to reduce consumption. Throughout the winter the LRI will be offering content to help firms inform and inspire colleagues to save energy.