Whitepaper on Measuring Advised Emissions

Matthew Gingell, Oxygen House.

This whitepaper proposes an innovative approach to measure the Advised Emissions of law firms, specifically focusing on quantifying the carbon footprint associated with the advice they provide to clients. With the growing awareness of climate change and the urgent need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, it is crucial to consider the environmental impact of various industries, including the legal sector. By developing a comprehensive framework for measuring Advised Emissions, law firms can better understand and minimise their carbon footprint while contributing to sustainable practices and creating co benefits for clients and the planet. This whitepaper presents a potential methodology for assessing Advised Emissions at a client level but also identifies the requirement for:


  1. The creation of a Transition Factor Database for every Client sector and sub-industry that the legal profession advises;
  2. An industry standard Matter Attribution Tool that accurately measures the lifetime carbon effect of legal advice at a matter (transaction) level; and
  3. A Global Advised Emissions Summit to advance understanding and collaboration on key principles and concepts.