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If you work in the legal sector and you have an interest in tackling the climate and biodiversity crises then this podcast is for you. How do these challenges affect law firms and what can lawyers to take positive action on climate change for their firms and their clients?

Episode 2 - Greenwashing, a Dirty Business

by The Sustainable Law Podcast

Episode 2 – Greenwashing, a Dirty Business

Banks that ‘care about the climate’ but finance fossil fuel, fashion houses and supermarkets who shout about sustainability while the food and plastic waste piles up. Are we drowning in a tidal wave of greenwashing and does it matter?

We talked to two experts to help us navigate the murky waters of greenwashing. Tom Parsons is Director of Sales and Origination at Good Energy and George Harding-Rolls is Director of Policy & Advocacy for Eco-Age.

More about our guests:

Tom Parsons is an expert in the UK energy market, specialising in helping UK businesses and households balance their environmental and financial needs.

Tom has led strategy and sales teams for the past 15 years at EDF, Drax and most recently Good Energy, where he is currently Director of Sales and Origination. He recently gained his MBA from Exeter University in sustainable business management. He has worked with some of the UKs largest consumers including Thames Water and BT, delivering solutions for complex energy procurement, renewable generation installation and the Feed in Tariff.

Tom passionately believes that renewable power is not only the right environmental solution, it is also the right economic solution. He has been responsible for several product launches that have helped UK consumers decarbonise and is currently leading the roll out of Good Energy’s market leading solar tariffs and installations for businesses and households.

George Harding-Rolls works as Eco-Age’s Director of Policy & Advocacy, running the organisation’s work on pushing for the equitable phase out of fossil fuels from fashion.

George was Previously with the Changing Markets Foundation, a Dutch non-profit formed to accelerate solutions to sustainability challenges by leveraging the power of markets, where he ran several hard-hitting corporate investigations pushing for accountability and advocating for legislative change.  He led the inception of the Fossil Fashion campaign, exposing the industry’s environmentally disastrous reliance on fossil fuels during the climate crisis as well as the organisation’s project.

Prior to Changing Markets George has worked across the civil society sector with a focus on strategic communications, working for Forum for the Future, for Beijing-based philanthropic advisors, Charitarian, and for leading digital agency, Jellyfish. George is also an advisory board member of the Conscious Advertising Network.