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Law firms, in-house legal departments and chambers are invited to become members of the LSA by committing to its principles and taking action to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations and activities.

As signatories, members commit to adopting the LSA principles and taking action on each of them and will be asked to report back to the LSA on the action they have taken at the end of each year. While information about individual members will not be published externally without prior consent, it will be used to compile a collective Legal Sustainability Alliance progress report.

To join the LSA, please complete the form below in full providing details for both a main contact and a senior contact.

The main contact will be notified of any information relating to membership of the Legal Sustainability Alliance such as the development of tools and resources, and regional events.

The senior contact must be a Partner or equivalent with the authority to commit to the principles on behalf of the organisation. They will only be contacted for the purposes of verifying this commitment.

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