Interview with Arctic Explorer Pen Hadow at Charles Russell Speechlys Offices

11 April 2019

Pen Hadow, Arctic explorer and passionate champion for the ‘floating ice-reef ecosystem’ of the North Pole, joined LSA’s Amanda Carpenter for an extended conversation for the latest edition of Planet Pod recorded live at an event hosted by Charles Russell Speechlys – our newest LSA executive firm member.

Pen tells us how growing up with stories of Captain Scott inspired him to explore the hostile, beautiful and precious Arctic by yacht and on foot (completing the only solo walk to the North Pole on his third attempt in 2003, by which time so much of the ice had melted he was forced to swim for at least 40kms).

Pen is now heading up a UN backed initiative to ensure an international agreement to create a permanently protected conservation area for the wildlife and ecosystem of the Arctic Ocean’s international waters by 2032 (timed to begin when the existing voluntary, ‘no commercial fishing’ agreement ends). The 90º North Unit, founded by Pen, is the only organisation exclusively dedicated to protecting the wildlife and floating ice-reef ecosystem in the Arctic Ocean’s international waters.

To hear him tells us what we can do as individuals, as law firms and as employers to help Pen in his mission download the podcast here.

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