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8 June 2017


We are delighted to have launched the LSA’s 10th Anniversary Report. As Jeff Twentyman, Chair of LSA said in his speech on 7 June, a launch is often of something exciting like a rocket or a ship, rather than a report. A report implies something a little less exciting and backward looking. However, while the our 10th Anniversary Report does review the LSA’s first decade with appropriate data and charts, it also lays down a challenge to the legal sector to do more on climate change.

LSA members can celebrate their actions which have resulted in an overall drop in collective carbon emissions across member firms from 4.9 tCO2e per capita to 4.2 tCO2e – an impressive 54% decrease since 2008. The change in engagement across the legal sector is also promising. in 2008, 19 firms reported representing 28,391 staff and an average total emissions per firm of 7667 tCO2e.  By 2016 the number of reporting firms has increased to 57  representing 53,313 staff and an average total emissions per firm of 3417 tCO2e.

Looking forward to the coming decade the report challenges firms to take more action on sustainability and climate change – through advising clients and encouraging colleagues to take the issue seriously, through to doing more to tackle the seemingly intractable problem of business travel particularly air travel.

Welcoming the report Baroness Young of Old Scone, Chair of The Woodland Trust, encouraged firms to make sustainability a main stream issue but also reminded those present that encouragement only goes so far and that legislation has a role to play. The adoption of European environmental legislation after we exit the EU is key to this and we need to be on guard not to allow this legislation to be watered down.

The report and appendices which include individual firm reports can be downloaded via this link.  Hard copies can also be obtained on request from the LSA – please contact us if you would like one.

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