“Hard man image of law firms is outdated”

12 December 2019

A recent article by Jonathan Ames in the Times highlights moves by many City law firms away from a hard-nosed “bill, bill, bill” mantra to an ostensibly softer approach which values diversity, enhanced paternity entitlements and more environment-related sustainability projects.  The LSA is cited in the article as a positive influence (although the total number of LSA members given is way short by a factor of 15!).  Juliet Carey from legal PR specialist Byfield Consultancy considers that, without doubt, the hard-man image of law firms is outdated and that, whilst old-school approach “may work for the firm financially, it wont appeal to aspiring lawyers and certainly doesn’t work well with a happy family life”.  She concludes that the appointment of a sustainability partner by some firms is a welcome initiative because “the state of the world’s environment is the single biggest issue we face today’ and that law firms need to show “a genuine commitment to change, both in the conduct of the firm and in the conduct of client business – not just make pronouncements or speak in jargon.  It’s what they actually do to advance sustainability that will count”.

The LSA remains committed to encouraging real action on sustainability from its 180+ member firms and to providing the support needed to achieve it.

Read Jonathan Ames article here.

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