HRH Prince Charles Encourages GC to do More for Climate Change

3 June 2019

At the recent ACC Global GC Summit, HRH Prince Charles added to the evening’s theme of ‘Sustainability and the Role of the GC‘ by encouraging its members to ‘do more’ for Climate Change. Addressing the guests via an 8min video message he said the General Council were  ‘uniquely placed to coordinate their organisation’s response’.

Many law firms in the UK have joined the LSA and are actively engaged in measuring and reducing their energy and waste production and seeing some positive responses. But for the General Council, admittedly, it may be harder to do because of the way they operate. However, ‘litigation is becoming an increasingly common form of activism. Legal cases seeking to hold businesses and governments to account are becoming more prevalent,‘ Prince Charles continued to add.

During the workshops that the LSA provide around the UK, hosted by various law firms, we are seeing that there is an increased demand to support efforts for climate change, understand in-house, sustainable investment and be able to provide clients with the tools to understand financial risks.Financial and security regulators are already future-proofing themselves against these issues.

Curiously, The Law Gazette states a survey by the ACC on CSR ‘shows that 93% of chief legal officers lead, influence or contribute to the company’s corporate sustainability efforts where the company has a sustainability plan. Nearly half of respondents said their businesses did not have a corporate sustainability plan’

Bureaucracy, the perception of high costs and complex regulations, especially in the UK, are still a key barrier to change when it comes to renewable investments, according to the BayWa.r.e Energy Report, 2019. These barriers can be lessened if we remain well informed and able to advise correctly where needed…..and it is needed urgently. GC can do this by also joining the LSA and showing that positive interest.

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