April 2020

Live Webinar hosted by Planet Pod

Special Guest guests Isabella Tree, Clare Brook and Juliet Davenport. We will discuss the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the planet. Going live at 2:30pm (BST) Wednesday 22nd April Read more

April 2020

National Business Support Network

Calling all LSA members! As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on towns and cities across the UK intensifies, there is an urgent need to link business resources to the needs of communities – in the right place, at the right time and at the right scale. In response Business in the Community (BITC) is launching the National Business Response Network (NBRN). Read more to find out how to get involved. Read more

March 2020

Why action on carbon can work

A recent study published in the journal Nature highlights that international cooperation on ozone-depleting chemicals is helping to return the southern jet stream to a normal state. This reinforces the scientific view that human action can halt global heating. Read more

January 2020

£30bn pension partnership aligns with Paris Agreement

Brunel Pension Partnership, one of the UK's eight local government pension fund pools which holds around £30bn of assets, has set out an aggressive new climate policy promising to align its holdings with the goals of the Paris Agreement and lean heavily on asset managers to do the same. Read more

December 2019

“Hard man image of law firms is outdated”

Times article highlights moves by many City law firms away from a hard-nosed "bill, bill, bill" mantra to ostensibly softer approach which values diversity, enhanced paternity entitlements and more environment-related sustainability projects.  Legal PR advisors Byfield says "a genuine commitment to change, both in the conduct of the firm and in the conduct of client business - not just make pronouncements or speak in jargon.  It's what they actually do to advance sustainability that will count". Membership of the LSA is cited in the article as a positive agent in this. Read more

December 2019

Massive growth in UK energy storage capacity

The UK’s energy storage sector is enjoying rapid growth, as the roll out of the smart grid technologies that are seen as essential to the development of a cleaner and more flexible energy system continues to outstrip expectations. Trade body RenewableUK’s recent report providers data showing that the cumulative capacity of planning applications for battery […] Read more

October 2019

XR not always what you expect!

I’ve never really thought of myself as much of a rebel, so why on earth did I find myself, dressed in my best suit after a meeting in the City, sitting in the middle of the road at Trafalgar Square? That was also the question a TV crew put to me. I answered to the camera after only the briefest moment of reflection; we have done more damage to nature in knowledge of all the facts over the past 30 years, than ever we did in ignorance over the centuries before. Which tells me that facts alone won’t suffice. We have to engage in new ways to change hearts and minds, which is... Read more

September 2019

Millions join global Climate Strikes

Millions of people around the world held a global climate strike on Friday, inspired by activist Greta Thunberg. Protesters across continents waved placards and chanted slogans in what could be the biggest ever demonstration over global warming caused by humans. "Our house is on fire", Ms Thunberg said at a rally. "We will not just stand aside and watch." Read more

September 2019

Proposed legislation in California to eliminate plastic waste

Proposed legislation in California would commit to 75% reduction in plastic waste by 2030, and phase out most single-use packaging. The most ambitious US legislation to tackle the scourge of plastic pollution choking up oceans and piling up in landfills could pass in California Friday – or end up in the dustbin of history. Lawmakers are likely to vote on proposals that aim to phase out most single-use plastic packaging within the next decade. Read more