September 2017

US Law Firms Sustainability Report

The Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN), the LSA's affiliated organisation in the USA, is soon to release the findings on its first round of American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) online self-assessments. Read more

June 2017

We have lift off!

We are delighted to have launched the LSA's 10th Anniversary Report. Read what Jeff Twentyman, Chair of LSA and Baroness Young of Old Scone, Chair of the Woodland Trust said about the Report and the important ongoing role of the LSA at the Report launch on 7 June. Read more

June 2017

Poetry for Trees

In this 10th Anniversary year we see a first for the LSA: a new anthology of poetry commissioned in partnership with The Woodland Trust to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest. This historic charter published two years after the Magna Carta in 1217 and some clauses remained in force until the 1970s ,making it the statute that remained in force longer than any other in English history. The Woodland Trust campaign to establish a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People is the inspiration for The Tree Line anthology. Read more

May 2017

Standing Strong Together

Our hearts go out to all the victims, families, loved ones and all others affected by the recent Manchester terror attack. Standing strong together. "And these hard times again, in these streets of our city, but we won’t take defeat and we don’t want your pity. Because this is a place where we stand strong together, with a smile on our face, greater Manchester forever." Extract from "This is the Place" by Tony Walsh Read more

May 2017

LSA 10th Anniversary Annual Report Launch

The LSA 10th Anniversary Annual Report launches on 7 June. Attendance at the launch event, hosted by Linklaters, is by invitation only. Please contact the LSA if you would like more information. Read more

April 2017

Reporting Window Now Closed!

The window for LSA members to report their carbon footprint and progress against the LSA Member Principles has now closed. Many thanks to all firms who have reported this year - we are now in the process of collating your responses. The LSA's 10th Anniversary Annual Report will be published early June - watch this space! Read more

April 2017

1.4.17: Latest joiner

In keeping with the spirit behind the UK’s move to exit the EU whilst still wanting to remain very much part of Europe, the LSA is pleased to announce that pan-European law firm Terndelyte Zoute Vennugo is the latest member to join our ranks. TZV are a specialist family law practice focusing particularly on acting in difficult divorce settlements. Read more

March 2017

Don’t forget to report your Carbon data by 31 March

The LSA Annual Carbon reporting window is still open but you need to hurry as the portal closes on 31 March. As this is the 10th Anniversary of LSA we are anxious to encourage as many firms as possible to use the free LSA Carbon Reporting Tool, powered by Greentsone, to report their annual carbon footprint. The 10th Anniversary Annual Report will reflect the progress that firms have over the last decade in measuring managing and reducing their carbon. Read more

January 2017

LSA 10th Anniversary

It’s been a decade since the Prince of Wales hosted his May Day Summit at which he challenged the business community, including the legal sector, to rise the challenge of climate change. This seminal event saw the birth of the Legal Sector (now Sustainability) Alliance. 10 years on and the LSA is still working hard to support law firms and others in the legal profession to measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainability. Read more about our plans for this anniversary year and the challenge set by LSA Chair, Jeff Twentyman Read more

December 2016

16 Reasons to be Cheerful

According to the Carbon Trust, quite apart from the challenges 2016 presented, it has been a momentous year for progress on climate change. Although we are still nowhere near reaching the levels of action needed to keep global warming well below 2degC, this festive season - rather than focusing on the very real doom and gloom which can occur as a result of climate change - the Carbon Trust would like to give you 16 reasons to be cheerful. Read more

November 2016

AusLSA annual sustainability report

The LSA's Australian partner AusLSA has launched the latest of its annual sustainability reports. The Scope of the 2016 Legal Sector Sustainability Insight has tripled this year to addresses the legal sector’s most material impacts under the categories of; Our People, Our Community, Our Environment and Governance. The addition of these categories better align with the Global Reporting Index approach and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read more