June 2018

LSA Annual Report 2018

Out now! The LSA Annual Report 2018 is now available to download (see menu item). As well as LSA highlights for the past year, this year's report contains a summary of the carbon footprint results of a record 59 reporting firms. The Annex to the report contains the individual footprints of each reporting firm. An exclusive detailed benchmark report, showing a comparison of each firm's performance in each aspect of the carbon footprint, will be available to LSA members from 18 June. Read more

June 2018

One Plastic Free Day – 5 June

June 5th will herald a World first, awakening billions to the plastic crisis in our seas and our soil - One Plastic Free Day. This coincides with World Environment Day. International days of action have been proven to drive massive shifts in behaviour. For example, each year World No Tobacco Day leads to a 40 percent spike in people searching for online resources on how to quit smoking. On the international launch of the world’s first One Plastic Free Day, A Plastic Planet will hope to ignite and inspire the world to #passonplastic and turn off the plastic tap. Read more

May 2018

LSA talks to Paul Crilly – MD of NJC

During a recent visit of LSA Task Force members and other LSA member guests to the Granary Square development at Kings Cross, hosted by Argent, the LSA's Amanda Carpenter talked with Paul Crilly, MD of cleaning and business support service company NJC about being a sustainable business. In this "first" outside broadcast for the LSA, Paul talks passionately about what it means to be sustainable and how his own company is approaching this and supporting clients. Read more

May 2018

Pollution Pods

Artist and environmentalist Michael Pinsky talks to the LSA about his amazing and educational Pollution Pods installation - part of a larger project called CLIMART which investigates whether art can change peoples perception of climate change and air pollution. Find out what it takes to change how people respond to this issue. Read more

April 2018

LSA Carbon Reporting 2018

The window for reporting LSA member firms' carbon footprints has now closed. A huge "shout out" and thanks to the 59 firms who submitted their data this year - a record number! This helps to show the continued commitment of LSA members to reducing their carbon footprint. The data is now being collated and will be included in the LSA Annual Report 2018, due to be published in early June. Read more

February 2018

From trees to seas

The scourge of plastic in the seas has galvanised a wide range of individuals and firms to take action. As part of our commitment to helping tackle this issue, and following on from our support last year to the work of the Woodland Trust, the LSA this year is supporting Blue Marine Foundation, a charity that exists to restore healthy oceans. Read more

January 2018

LSA Reporting 2018

The "window" for LSA members to report their carbon footprint will open at the end of January. Watch this space for more details. See LSA Events listing to register for a short "how to" webinar being run on 16 Jan. See also the box alongside to participate in the 2018 LSA Sustainability Survey Read more

September 2017

US Law Firms Sustainability Report

The Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN), the LSA's affiliated organisation in the USA, is soon to release the findings on its first round of American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) online self-assessments. Read more

June 2017

We have lift off!

We are delighted to have launched the LSA's 10th Anniversary Report. Read what Jeff Twentyman, Chair of LSA and Baroness Young of Old Scone, Chair of the Woodland Trust said about the Report and the important ongoing role of the LSA at the Report launch on 7 June. Read more

June 2017

Poetry for Trees

In this 10th Anniversary year we see a first for the LSA: a new anthology of poetry commissioned in partnership with The Woodland Trust to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest. This historic charter published two years after the Magna Carta in 1217 and some clauses remained in force until the 1970s ,making it the statute that remained in force longer than any other in English history. The Woodland Trust campaign to establish a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People is the inspiration for The Tree Line anthology. Read more

May 2017

Standing Strong Together

Our hearts go out to all the victims, families, loved ones and all others affected by the recent Manchester terror attack. Standing strong together. "And these hard times again, in these streets of our city, but we won’t take defeat and we don’t want your pity. Because this is a place where we stand strong together, with a smile on our face, greater Manchester forever." Extract from "This is the Place" by Tony Walsh Read more