September 2019

Proposed legislation in California to eliminate plastic waste

Proposed legislation in California would commit to 75% reduction in plastic waste by 2030, and phase out most single-use packaging. The most ambitious US legislation to tackle the scourge of plastic pollution choking up oceans and piling up in landfills could pass in California Friday – or end up in the dustbin of history. Lawmakers are likely to vote on proposals that aim to phase out most single-use plastic packaging within the next decade. Read more

September 2018

The State of the Sustainability Profession

GreenBiz has recently released its 2018 report into the state of the sustainability profession. According to GreenBiz, it’s "chock full of good data on budgets, team sizes and salaries, as well as major themes around reporting, renewables and leveraging sustainability to create new business opportunities". The report highlights how the sustainability profession has evolved over the past 10 years with more companies reporting progress in this area. Read more