Sustainable Travel – Resources

The LSA recognises that transport and travel contribute significantly towards member firms’ carbon footprints, with business travel being the main contributing factor.

Research conducted for the LSA has found that law firms are embedding technology solutions in their business travel programmes to reduce costs, improve collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, and manage their carbon emissions. Future areas of research for the LSA will include travel and commuting, and the effects of transport on the supply chain.

Sustainable travel – top tips
Enabling sustainable travel choices

Employee engagement via the LSA’s annual travel challenge

As well as surveying members, the LSA has also consulted with a number of leading sustainable travel organisations to understand best practice in sustainable travel management, some of which are listed below:

Sustrans is a leading UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys they make every day.  The LSA has partnered with Sustrans to run its Travel Challenge

WWF’s One Planet Mobility programme is focused on finding solutions that will help reduce the need for travel and encourage a shift to more sustainable ways of making those journeys that are necessary

The Institute of Travel and Meetings’ Project ICARUS established to promote carbon reduction in travel management programmes throughout the UK business travel industry

The Carbon Disclosure Project and AT&T have published a study on ROI’s associated with video conferencing as a replacement for business travel.

The Sustainable Development Commission has published a report (“Smarter Moves“) looking at how Information Communications Technology can promote Sustainable Mobility, shows how ICT can make personal mobility more sustainable, reduce CO2 emissions, congestion and noise, as well as improve air quality, health, wellbeing and social cohesion

Forum for the Future’s travel and tourism work provides useful information for law firms

The Tandberg website includes various white papers outlining the environmental benefits of video telework


Employee travel and the LSA Protocol

The scope of the LSA’s carbon footprinting tool includes data on business travel, which can be obtained through analysis of internal information. This data can be analysed to ascertain whether more sustainable modes of travel can be used, or travel can preferably be reduced.

The LSA footprinting tool does not include employee commuting because the data is very difficult both to gather and to verify. However, we do encourage firms to look at how their employees travel, so that they can consider how to support them in finding more sustainable alternatives, ideally through a travel plan.