Employee Engagement Toolkit

The LSA Employee Engagement Toolkit has been prepared by Legal Sustainability Alliance member firms to support all law firms who want to engage with their employees on environmental sustainability. It has been designed to help firms engage with their employees regardless of how advanced they are on the sustainability journey.


The guide is built around the concept of a notional communications campaign led by a group of environmental champions within your firm. Each step of the campaign journey comprises a number of elements:

Ideas store: The ideas store is just that.  A collection of different ideas that you can take and adapt to your own office environment.

Tools: The tools section provides practical signposting to easy-to-use online tools that will help with your environmental campaign.

Resources:  Resources is a collection of external organisations you can contact for more support and advice, other campaigns that can provide a focus for your own efforts, together with inspiration from the wider corporate sector.

Examples:  Brief insights into the experience of other law firms that have trialled elements of an environmental communications campaign. As additional firms submit examples of best practice we will incorporate these into the guide