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Greenstone is a specialist software solutions provider that works in partnership with commercial and public sector organisations to enable them to measure, manage and report their Environmental, CSR, Health & Safety and Supply Chain information.

In 2011, the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) partnered with Greenstone to develop an online solution to enable law firms to calculate and report their carbon emissions and additional CSR information. Four years on, the LSA Carbon Reporting Tool, provided by Greenstone, is being used by over 60 law firms in the UK and is helping to improve transparency, consistency and comparability of sustainability data within the legal sector.

The LSA Carbon Reporting Tool enables law firms of all sizes to start their sustainability measurement and reporting journey.  For those firms requiring more sophisticated tools and reporting, Greenstone also provides its enterprise level software solution. These firms gather their carbon emissions data, additional environmental indicators and CSR metrics across multiple sites and countries; enabling their reporting to align with ISO standards, CDP, ESOS, and the Global Reporting Initiative and United Nations Global Compact frameworks.

A growing number of LSA members are also using Greenstone’s SupplierPortal solution to manage their supplier risk and compliance. This standardised approach among the members ensures efficiency of reporting for suppliers by avoiding duplication and enabling suppliers to benefit from the efficiency of publishing their information to multiple law firms.

For more information on Greenstone’s solutions, please visit Greenstone’s website or email their team.