Blue Marine Foundation

More Fish Less Plastic

Since 2010, when BLUE was established, public interest in ocean’s crisis has grown exponentially. Recently, concern has focused particularly on plastic pollution. Yet a range of issues, notably climate change, acidification, overfishing and pollution are all combining to destroy ocean health.

BLUE’s focus remains on combatting overfishing. Destruction of the ocean’s biodiversity caused by unsustainable fishing leaves the oceans less resilient to other main threats, so tackling overfishing is arguably the cornerstone of solving the ocean’s crisis.

BLUE and others are making great progress in protecting vast tracts of the oceans from the ravages of unsustainable fishing. Globally recognised targets of ten per cent of oceans protected by 2020 and 30 per cent by 2030 remain within our reach.

Addressing plastic pollution, particularly within the context of protecting threatened species and habitats is part of BLUE’s strategy and is incorporated into our projects: from net recovery in the Mediterranean, to revealing microplastics in native oysters, to seeking waste solutions for remote islands, to supplying thousands of reusable MORE FISH LESS PLASTIC bags to key project locations, we recognise that a healthy ocean ecosystem does not contain plastic. We will continue to make strategic interventions on plastics where we can make a meaningful and lasting difference.

But plastics are a land-based problem that ultimately must be addressed at source. Most of the plastic in the ocean originates in a handful of countries.

The fight against plastic has become a reassuringly crowded space. The fight against overfishing remains relatively under-resourced. So that is where BLUE will continue to direct its focus.

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