Translating Science & Environmental Policies

It’s not that different to other challenges that we tackle. We have to help government make the best decisions they can. The academic community has excellent knowledge, now we have to unlock it for the policy makers to help achieve emission reductions. We learn from out mistakes, from other sectors like technology, and how we can copy that and learn from those processes. Like consumers and how to change consumerism. – Alyssa Gilbert

This is a special broadcast by Planet Pod on translating the science to the policy makers and how we are succeeding with Alyssa Gilbert,Head of Policy & Translation on & Joeri Rogelj Lecturer on Climate from Grantham Institute.

Are we making the right changes now? Are they making sense?

We have to remember that policy making is also political. We want to change things but the way in which we achieve them is different on all parts of the political spectrum. Lots of excellent people are caring and looking at evidence. The way in which parties make decisions is based on political preferences.

How do you transform your society that can operate in a low carbon world…and prosper? This must be taken into account. – Joeri Rogerl