New member? Start here!

Welcome to the LSA!  Here are a few things to get you started….

  1. Visit the Member Area of this site to explore the free resources which are available to you (you need to log in with the usr ID and password which was provided to you on registering as an LSA member)
  2. Let your staff know that the firm is a member of the LSA – this means you are working in collaboration with around 300 other law firms across the UK to find ways that work for you in reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable.  Ask for their suggestions
  3. Use the LSA logo (download here) on firm literature to highlight your membership of the LSA
  4. Look through the “quick wins” on this site and consider which you might find useful for your firm
  5. Begin (or continue) to measure the amount of electricity, gas and water you use to start building up a picture of your firm’s carbon footprint.  (You can use the LSA Carbon Footprint tool each year to find out how much carbon your utility use generates)
  6. Begin (or continue) to measure the amount colleagues travel on business – road, rail and air.  These are all part of your carbon footprint
  7. Begin (or continue) to measure the amount of paper you use
  8. Discuss with colleagues how you could reduce any of 5, 6 or 7 above and set yourselves an achievable target for the next 12 months
  9. Consider joining a regional LSA group and taking part in LSA activities to share your experiences with other law firms in your locality – see the events section of this site or get in touch with us to find out what is happening near you
  10. Look through the case study and Members Forum section of this site to get inspiration and learn from other LSA members – consider writing your own case study when you are ready or posting a topic in the members Forum