What is the Legal Sustainability Alliance?

The Legal Sustainability Alliance is an inclusive movement of law firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

Why should I be involved?

There are many potential business benefits of adopting environmentally sustainable practices including reduced costs and an enhanced reputation which can often be achieved by simple changes to business behaviour for little or no cost. There is also very strong scientific evidence to suggest that without urgent action, climate change will devastate life on earth. For more details, please see the business case and the scientific case for taking action on climate change.

What is the role of the LSA Executive firm members?

The Executive firm members are leading the work of the Alliance by committing finance, time and expertise to research and develop tools and resources to support all LSA members in adopting the principles and reducing their environmental impact. Click here to see who is involved.

How do I join the Legal Sustainability Alliance?

All firms, chambers and in-house legal departments are able to become members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance by signing up to the Membership Principles online. Authorisation will need to be given by a senior executive at partner level or equivalent who is able to make a commitment on behalf of the organisation. There is no cost to join the LSA and a number of benefits are available to members.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing!  Because of the generous support of LSA Executive firms and the Law Society, the LSA is a free to join network.  We do, however, ask members to share experiences and collaborate for the benefit of all, and to annually report their progress in reducing their carbon footprint and meeting the LSA’s seven Principles.

What action can I take?

There are lots of things that can be quickly implemented for little or no cost to start responding to climate change. See our quick wins for ideas of actions in the office that can be taken immediately.

What have other firms been doing?

You can learn from the experiences of other firms that have already taken action on climate change by viewing case studies, reading the LSA blogs and participating in the Members Forum