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IMG_0592Being “greener” can save money.  Here are some of the ideas LSA members have put into practice to improve their environmental performance and reduce costs.  Please let us know if you have any other ideas for the Ideas Factory

Install hand dryers instead of paper towels.  
Energy costs may increase marginally, but it eliminates ongoing purchasing, disposal and consequent landfill.

Install proximity lighting.  
Lighting that comes on only when someone is in the vicinity saves money and emissions.

Install Dual Flushers.  
Popular in residential bathrooms, dual flushing gives the user a choice of two flush volumes and can now be fitted to cisterns installed before 1999.

Install Push Taps.  
A push tap controls the amount of water used. It will automatically stop after a preset delay, normally up to 20 seconds. There are a variety of alternatives that achieve the same affect and save up to 70% of water.

Reduce the temperature.   A 1°C reduction in temperature saves heating bills by as much as 10%, so encourage staff to wear a jumper instead of turning up the heat!

Turn off when not in use
.  If you have the ability to control temperature in particular rooms, make sure radiators or air conditioning units are turned off when not required.

Use controls and timers.  Your heating could be set to warm the office before everyone arrives in the morning and then automatically shut down when an optimum temperature is reached. Similarly, set the air conditioning to come on only when temperatures exceed 24°C.

Install heat reflectors.  
Install heat reflectors to the walls behind radiators to improve their efficiency. Make sure radiators are kept clear by not placing furniture in front of them.

Check your boiler
.  A serviced boiler can save up to 10% on heating costs, so ensure it is serviced when recommended.

Open the blinds
.  Natural light should be used as much as possible to avoid unnecessary use of lighting. There are daylight blinds that redirect light to the ceiling to avoid glare. Speak to your cleaners so the blinds are closed at the end of the day, helping to keep the heat inside.


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