LSA Teaser for June – Answer

Sustainability equals good business but where do you start?  Every journey begins with a first step – join us in taking the “7 Steps to Sustainability’:

Often small and medium sized law firms find it hard to make the case for sustainability – citing lack of time, resources, convincing and relevant evidence to persuade colleagues to take the actions needed to make a change. Using our last nine years of reporting data and the feedback from LSA member firms we have joined with the Planet Mark to develop a robust business case for sustainability. We know that sustainability has a positive impact on the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social change within organisations. The Business Case is designed to be a practical guide setting out both the good reasons why firms should act – from cutting carbon to going beyond compliance and linking them to the 7 Steps for Sustainability.

Want to know what the seven steps are?  Then contact us directly to order a hard copy (free to LSA members, who can also download a copy from the Member Area).