Minimising Resource Use

Once a business has set about assessing its environmental impact by measuring its carbon footprint, the next logical step is to find ways to reduce that impact.

There are a number of quick and easy steps that can help firms to get started and these can be found in the Member Area. In addition, the Legal Sustainability Alliance is looking at whether we, as a profession, could change the way that we do business in order to reduce the sector’s collective environmental impact.

Transforming the way law firms use technology can reduce energy and carbon emissions significantly, as well as reducing business travel and enabling firms to move away from using so much paper. Read expert views on key legal technology issues for law firms.

We will be developing further ideas around how firms can minimise their resource use and how the profession can reduce its collective impact over the coming months. In the meantime, we would welcome like to hear from you about how you have minimised resource use in your firm. Submit a case study to share your ideas.