Engaging Employees

Collectively the legal sector in England and Wales employs around 150,000 people. Therefore, engaging employees in climate change activities is a key way for firms to reduce their carbon emissions.

Likewise, firms are increasingly experiencing upward pressure from their employees to take action on climate change. People are increasingly asking potential employers about their environmental policies. According to research carried out by the Carbon Trust, more than three-quarters of UK employees now consider it important to work for an organisation that has an active policy to reduce its carbon emissions.

Therefore, as well as being a key way of supporting firm-wide carbon reduction targets, there are a number of benefits of mobilising employees on climate change, including cost savings, increased staff morale and improved recruitment and retention.

Ways of engaging employees include running awareness-raising campaigns, identifying ‘green champions’ and providing incentives.

Employee engagement toolkit

The LSA employee engagement toolkit has been designed for use by individuals who are already engaged in climate change issues and are seeking ways to engage their colleagues to reduce carbon emissions. The LSA toolkit provides valuable advice about what works best at a law firm. The guide has been prepared by LSA member firms to support all law firms who want to engage with their employees on environmental sustainability. It has been designed to help firms engage with their employees regardless of how advanced they are on the sustainability journey.

The toolkit is available as a resource in the LSA Member Area

Many of our members have found innovative ways to engage their employees. Read about how Wragge & Co has engaged its employees on its environmental priorities and how Andrew Jackson’s Green Team are trying to change the firm’s working practices.

We would like to hear about innovative ways you have engaged employees. Share your ideas by submitting a case study.

For more ideas also visit the Energy Saving Trust, Global Action Plan and Do The Green Thing.