Carbon Footprinting

As one of the criteria of membership of the LSA we ask firms to measure and manage their carbon emissions and to report annually.

But where to start? If you are not already measuring your carbon footprint we can help. The LSA has a free tool to help you keep track of everything you purchase and do within your business which causes carbon emissions and so makes up your carbon footprint (for example, purchased electricity and gas, business travel, use of water and disposal of waste). This is available for LSA members to download along with a help-sheet. You can use this data to calculate your own footprint. Click here to download our carbon data tracker.

If you need further help Achill Management offer a carbon foot print and reporting service. We can calculate your footprint for all sources of emissions (i.e. Scope 1, 2 and 3) and provide you with a tailored action report highlighting where you can make immediate changes to reduce your emissions. We follow the methodology of The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard – Revised Edition) and use the latest Defra GHG Conversion Factors applicable to the reporting period. We can also support your firm in complying with the requirements of the UK’s SECR scheme.

We would be delighted to discuss this service and how we can help – please do get in contact with the Achill Management team on [email protected]