Air Quality

Levels of air pollution in the UK can be dangerously high, presenting a serious public health risk. There are many plans and programmes in place to improve air quality and levels of pollution are reducing year on year. However, concentrations in areas such as the City of London are still at a level that impact on health, particularly at busy roadsides, so it is a good idea to reduce your exposure to air pollution wherever possible. You can do this by:

  • Walking or cycling along quiet routes where possible
  • Step back from the kerb when waiting to cross the road, even a small distance from traffic will reduce your exposure
  • Use the free City of London CityAir App for air pollution alerts and low pollution routes
  • Follow @_CityAir , the City of London Corporation twitter account for air quality
  • Use this link to see measured levels of air pollution across London

You can also help to improve air quality in UK cities yourself by:

  • Walking or cycling where possible
  • Requesting a low or zero emission taxi
  • Always turning your vehicle engine off when parked
  • Avoid having personal deliveries at work as this creates extra vehicle trips in central London
  • If purchasing a new vehicle refer to the Greater London Authority web site to compare real world emissions from different vehicles.
  • Ask you firm if they are taking any steps to help improve air quality in the city where your office is located

Further information:

City of London air quality advice

Sign up for the City of London Air Quality Newsletter by emailing via this link

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