Focus on…..Womble Bond Dickinson

In this “Focus on a Firm”, we ask Martin Hall, Head of Facilities Managment at LSA Executive Firm Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD) about the firm’s recent purchase of an electric vehicle.

What drove the decision to purchase an electric vehicle for Womble Bond Dickinson? 

Looking at the future of diesel cars WBD is taking this opportunity to evolve using more environmentally friendly vehicles. It makes sense, especially in Bristol where there is less dependence for the firm on vehicle travel. Now, if travel is necessary, it is done with a low environment-impact vehicle.

How easy was it to implement – the power charging and the ordering of the vehicle?

Although there was a long delivery time, the fleet vehicle company WBD work with aided their decisions. Even though it did take six months, they stuck at it. They had already created two charging points in the building a year before for clients who have electric vehicles.

How symbolic is this for your firm – is this part of your involvement in the SDG targets to lower your carbon footprint overall?

Admittedly,the UK and US offices work differently. The UK offices are implementing more carbon-reducing targets. Taking the opportunity to use electric vehicles will show that it is doable and hopefully catch on throughout all parts of the firm.

What other changes are you hoping to embed in your business?

WBD are currently refurbishing their offices. They are reducing the space that they take up, installing LED lighting and with better technology, upgrading all video conferencing tools which will mean better communication and reducing the need to travel. Plus there is another electric vehicle in the pipeline.

How has being a member of the LSA been able to help you make decisions like this one?

WBD find that being a member of the LSA means they are able to interact with larger law firms who, although may have bigger budgets to make changes, are able to share ideas, attend workshops around sound environmental business strategies and hear success (and ‘less’ successful) stories. Going forward the LSA are looking to align more with SDG target setting among the Alliance firms. WBD look forward to following its progress.