Round the World in 30 Days: The LSA 2016 Travel Challenge is here!

This year the LSA is encouraging all our members to challenge themselves to a carbon neutral global journey by taking part in the annual LSA Travel Challenge and taking the virtual journey around the world in 30 days. Every step you take or mile you travel in a sustainable form will count towards your virtual journey and you can log your daily steps as well as your daily commute – not to forget your weekend cycle rides, walks, trips by boat or bus.

We are anxious to beat our fabulous total last year of 9000 separate journeys which equalled 93,044 miles travelled and an associated saving of a whopping £28,892.  So, sign up for the LSA Round the World Travel Challenge by 1 September and take part.

The travel challenge website goes live on 18 July. We are encouraging all LSA member firms to join the challenge, so we hope your own firm will already be set up.  All you have to do is log on as an individual and register – if you state your firm you will be also be able to join your firm’s team so your results will be added to those of your colleagues. If you want to register your local office or department as a separate team then that’s easy too – just follow the onsite guide.

Once registered its easy to log journeys either via the website or through the app – and if you do the same journey regularly then save that just once and then hit “saved journey” button.

We are rewarding all travel behaviours, so daily steps count too.  We know that a lot of colleagues in LSA member firms can’t always change how they travel to work, and many don’t have to make work related journeys to meetings every day, so we wanted to reward other sustainable behaviours.  For example, choosing to walk upstairs rather than take the lift results in the double bonus of getting fit and saving energy!  So, just switch on your step counter and log the total steps each day on the site!  You may even win a prize as we are giving out a separate steps taken each day prize as well.


Prizes Prizes Prizes

While we all know sustainable travel is a reward in itself, everyone loves a prize! So this year we have a weekly prize draws for the four weeks of the challenge, a separate weekly prize for steps taken and grand prize draw for one lucky participant of a pair of return Eurostar Tickets.


Spread the word

If you want to promote the challenge in your firm there are lots of resources here, including posters, a how to guide produced by Sustrans and a briefing note for LSA member firms. Or just get in touch at [email protected] and we will walk you through it. Our challenge team are on hand to help with any queries.