June’s Webinars – Green Law Clean Energy


26/06/2020 - 11.30 am



Another in the series of Green Recovery
Webinars from Achill Management
and Planet Pod.

Friday 26th June at 11.30 am


In this webinar we discuss the challenges facing the renewable energy industry and the need to change both policies and laws to make it easier, more cost effective and more appealing to both producers and customers to go 100% renewable for their energy.

Our panellists, Juliet Davenport CEO Good Energy, Dr Jeff Hardy Senior Research Fellow Grantham Institute Climate Change and Environment and Sandy Abrahams, Partner Lux Nova discuss what needs to change. Is it policy, legal instruments and or financial incentives? Do we need an overall systems change in the energy market to ensure we deliver a genuine green recovery?

Our panel conversation will cover:

  • Innovation & research – what do we need ? is it more tech or better systems ?
  • Infrastructure – how do we create the flexibility we need to ensure better distribution.
  • Marketplace – how do we make this fit for purpose for all suppliers including community energy networks.
  • Consumers and customers – how we ensure consumers make informed decisions and are given accurate information – how to avoid fuel poverty.


There will be plenty of time for questions Register here now as places are limited.