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Wednesday 20th May at 14.00 – 17.00

Join us for this highly topical seminar as we hear from experts. The fight against Covid-19 has resulted in very substantial changes for the economies of countries across the world, with large stimulus packages announced by a number of governments to counter the economic shock of the responding to the pandemic.

Many see this as a significant resetting of the global economy and hence an opportunity to implement the changes long called for by the climate movement in order to prevent warming above 1.5 degrees: wide-scale green public investment, including stimulating jobs in the zero-carbon economy to mitigate rising unemployment; “green strings” being attached to company or industry bail-out money; economic assistance going to vulnerable individuals and communities; aligning government spending with the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement.

This seminar will discuss the opportunities for a climate positive economy after Covid-19 and what steps need to be taken to grasp these opportunities.

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Coaching Through Covid

Thursday 21st May at 11.30 – 12.15

How can coaching help you and your teams through Covid-19 lockdown and beyond – join our webinar to find out.

Are you working hard to keep on track during Covid-19? Curious to know how a coaching approach can help you and your teams during lockdown?  Join Julie Flower and Stephen Farrant, the expert team at Achill Management, for a short, sharp webinar designed to support your business to survive and thrive in difficult times and get in the best possible shape for the recovery.

Key topics include

  • Introduction to what coaching is and what it isn’t !
  • why coaching is so relevant right now
  • team coaching vs individual coaching and mentoring
  • coaching for resilience and recovery

The session is invitation only and will include plenty of time for Q& A

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