Beyond CSR: Moving to a mutually beneficial shared value approach


10/09/2019 - 14:00 - 18:00 BST


YBS offices Broad Gate, The Headrow, Leeds  LS1 8EQ

An event organised by GivingForum

The GivingForum was launched to bring individuals from GivingForce’s wider network together to discuss important topics in-depth and share best practice. This first GivingForum North will be on the topic of “Beyond CSR: Moving to a mutually beneficial shared value approach”

This session will explore how companies can go beyond traditional CSR programmes by influencing business strategy within their organisation so it aligns both commercial and social objectives. More specifically, taking a step back from where companies are now (and the ‘tactics’ of existing programmes) and focusing or re-focusing on the WHY (i.e. what is the BIG goal or objective, and what are the drivers). It will look at how adopting a shared value approach can not only tackle social issues on a much deeper level, but also increase competitive advantage and gain stronger economic success.

Integrated in the right way, a shared value approach will enable the development of mutually beneficial cross-sector partnerships that will increase social impact and deliver tangible business benefits, including increased brand awareness and loyalty.

Guests can arrive from 2:30pm for a prompt 3:00pm start. A detailed schedule will be shared closer to the time.