The Business Case

Acting on climate change is in our collective interest – individually, as businesses and as a profession – and will enable us to:

Reduce costs – Significant financial savings can be made with little or no expenditure by adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

Win new business – Increasing numbers of clients are requesting information on environmental policies and practices when appointing legal advisers and, according to the Carbon Trust, two thirds of consumers are more likely to buy products and services with a small carbon footprint.

Recruit and retain talent – Environmental responsibility is a determining factor in employee recruitment, retention and engagement rates. Recent CIPD research found that more than 50% of people would prefer to work for a company with a strong environmental policy.

Anticipate regulation – The failure of the market to prevent climate change will almost certainly result in increased taxation and regulation with direct financial liability for those businesses exceeding their limits.

Limit damage to physical assets – The consequences of inaction are that extreme weather conditions will lead to costly repairs, disruptions to infrastructure and increased insurance premiums.