Rewilding Christmas

By Guest Blogger

Peter Carpenter

Let the fields rest now; commit their names to memory.

Instead, bring on the Longhorns, then the deer,

both Fallow and Red, and let them roam.

Import Tamworths and watch these boar by proxy

imitate the plough. Marvel as they rootle

for earthworms and grubs, snout out docks

and thistles, turn over clods and expose soil

to air before it’s shifted by limpet-mine explosions

of cattle shit. Let bees colonise and anthill complexes

establish their miniature Towers of Babel.

Let green woodpeckers alight and feast. Study

the migration of beetles from edge to centre.

Allow the sallow to emerge and by the summer

purple emperors will be spotted over ditched water.

May all this rootling encourage chickweed, fumitory

and knotgrass to take over. Scarlet pimpernel

and red fescue too — like gatherings from Ophelia’s reason

in madness. Let turtle doves breed and a purring male

appear on cue, from behind white gloves, the final act

in the magician’s set. 

                                         Come Christmas Eve repair

to the treehouse set deep in a forest of oak and elm

and out of darkness listen to the smatterings of sleet then snow on twig and leaf. Feel the awe of a child again.

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