5 Top Tips for Firms & Employees to Support #ClimateAction!

By Guest Blogger

For firms not wishing to, or not able to, support the Global Climate Strike directly there are still lots of things both individuals and law firms can do to reduce their climate impact.  Here are our top 5 but you can find lots more on our hints and tips pages on the LSA website.

1 Count your carbon  – use one of the excellent free personal carbon counters such as WWF Carbon Footprint calculator to see just how carbon heavy your life is. Then once you know get your firm to measure its collective carbon footprint. Counting carbon is a baseline – once you know your footprint you can set targets and take measures to reduce your climate impact 

2. Ban all single-use plastic – not just water bottles. The rise of the keep cup and reusable water bottle are great signifiers that people have got the message about plastic, but there is still so much single-use plastic in our shopping baskets and in our offices. Try avoiding  single-use plastic food wrapping for a week – its really hard but if we stop buying food wrapped in plastic the supermarkets and suppliers will stop selling it.  Call out suppliers of office products if they come wrapped in plastic or look into daily food van to deliver at your office.

3. Consume less – from fuel to fashion the less we buy and use the lower our climate impact will be. As individuals and as organisations. Cut down on consumption and on waste in the office – it will reduce your bills and save you carbon Change to EV fleet vehicles for example.

4.  Be realistic and be kind to yourself – Climate consciousness is not a hair shirt. If you have to fly or drive try to be sensible, reduce the journeys if you can and where you can’t, consider environmental offsetting. The best way to do this is support a tree planting programme either here in the UK via The Woodland Trust or in the Amazon Rain Forest through Cool Earth

5. Spread the message – share your passion for the planet with everyone in your firm. If your firm is not a member of the LSA get them to join now – its free and its easy. If you are an in-house counsel or a barristers chambers’ you too can join. 

Together we can act on Climate Change 

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