The Role of Digital in Sustainability

By Guest Blogger

The benefits of organisations being environmentally-minded and pro-social are increasingly well understood and publicised: job satisfaction improves, retention rate increases, consumers favour ethical brands, company value increases – and the accumulated social and environmental impact of organisations working together to do good has an immeasurably large impact on society.

At Reason Digital, with these many benefits in mind, we have made it our mission to build websites, apps and other digital services for charities and pro-social organisations including lawfirms. Given the near-total penetration of internet usage in the UK population and the centrality
of digital services to businesses, the need for flexible, integrated, online tools to help organisations maximise their impact has never been greater.

One area that many companies struggle with in relation to their environmental impact is minimising the waste that they produce: whilst approximately 70% of office waste is recyclable,only 7.5% reaches a recycling facility. As a response to this, we created an app – Gone for Good – aimed at helping people to recycle and repurpose their furniture and clutter. By downloading theapp and taking a photo of the items in question, companies are able to donate their unwanted items to any of the available charities – it gets picked up by the charity, and doesn’t cost the user a penny! Since its launch in 2015, Gone for Good has facilitated the collection of nearly £1 million of goods for charity shops to benefit from.

In a similar vein, we found that many organisations were struggling with measuring and reporting their triple bottom line. Impact aims to address this by providing a single, centralised, online tool for logging social and environmental data. It takes information from your staff, capturing evidence along the way, transforms it from activity logs into actual social impact information, and shows your real-time progress towards your social impact goals.

To find out more about Reason Digital, Gone for Good or Impact, feel free to get in touch at 0161660 7949 or [email protected]

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