We are stronger together – people and trees

By Jim Haywood

The Tree Charter goes live!

On a chilly November evening  800 years to the day the Charter of the Forest was reborn as the Woodland Trust unveiled its new Charter for Trees Woods and People. Over 18 months in the making, based on work across hundreds of organisations and communities the ten point charter is a thing of beauty and inspiration. Written in oak gall ink (derived from “oak apples” or oak galls – the same ink that was used write the Magna Carta and original 1217 Charter of the Forest) it inspires both support and action.

The Charter encourages communities, individuals, businesses, landowners, planners and government to sustain landscapes for wildlife, to plant for the future to celebrate and protect trees and woods and plan greener spaces for all.

As we gathered in the dark, lead by lantern bearing children to watch the unveiling of the Charter Pole in Lincoln Castle grounds it was inspiring to see the new handwritten Charter nestling against pages from the original 1217 Charter of the Forest. While this may seem a poetic flight of fancy, the Charter has real significance for law firms and the LSA has scoped out a practical response to the ten calls within it. Our ten practical actions range from reducing paper consumption, ensuring sustainable supply chains, advocating for stronger protection of trees through to ensuring social justice around access to trees.

Read the full charter on the Woodland Trust website and download our Tree Charter briefing for law firms here

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